Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Willing to Decorate Master Bed Room? Bed Linen is the answer…

Everybody wants a bedroom full of peace, comfort and relaxed environment. After all, bedroom is the place where you shed all your worries after a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} hectic day and just reside in utmost peace.

This is the reason that traditional Hindu architecture suggests not to place disturbing stuff like television in bed room as it hampers mental peace. There are many things you can do to inculcate richness and peace in bedroom.

Right decoration is one of the aspects. There are different things in which you can invest in. Bed Linen is one among these. There are lots of bed sheets that can keep you cool. These can provide comfort in any type of weather. You must have heard the importance of sound sleep. Try out these sheets to stay cool!

Natural Bamboo Fiber Bed Sheets
This is the pure and organic product. As it is renewable, you can find this stuff easily in the market. Because of its anti-microbial properties, it is hypoallergenic and odor resistant. Its moisture resistant qualities will make you feel dry and comfortable.

Organic French Linen Sheets
Linen fibers are in use very commonly. Since thousands years, they are in use to make textiles. It's properties help you out to remain cool. These sheets are made from plants grown in France. No harsh chemicals are used in these sheets. It's preferred because it imparts good breathable fiber and insulation. Because of it, you feel warm in winters and cool in summers!

Silk Sheets
Silk provides rich look and elegance to bedroom. It also provides good breathing space and well wicks away the moisture. But silk sheets are comparatively expensive compared to other sheets types. But they are comparatively durable also compared to normal cotton ones.

Nano-Tex Sheets
This may be the future technology but it will come out with sheets that are odor and moisture resistance. They also have the advanced features to maintain and balance your body temperature.

So , ready to be cool with these cool sheets! Try to avoid polyester sheets as it's not breathable and body heat gets trapped in that. The other one is flannel sheet. They are specifically designed for winters as they are trap body heat very well. These are not all weather sheets and you should avoid if looking for all weather stuff!
While buying sheets, take care of its quality. Inferior sheets lose its charm quite easily. You can find good collection at country living. Their range includes duvet covers, elegant jacquards etc which can help you out in decorating bed rooms.

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