Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 Safer Ways to Shut Down Your Windows 8. 1 Laptop

As we already know, Windows 8. 1 from Microsoft is dedicated to deliver a better user experience of computing to the Windows users. As of now, it has been quite a time since Windows 8. 1 has been rolled out. It can be said that majority of the users are in praise of the new version of Windows although certain loopholes have also been pointed out.

Talking of the positive features of Widows 8. 1, the improved shut down options of the operating system is worth mentioning. Microsoft has integrated new ways of shutting down the OS in a safe mode.

Trick No . 1: The most common way to shut down Windows 8. 1 is to right click the newly brought back ‘Start’ button. This will bring up the pop-up menu that displays the features and command. There also lies the command “Shut Down” or “Sign Out. ” You have to click on Shut Down option to turn off your laptop. This is not a new method as it existed on earlier versions of Windows as well.

Trick No . 2: There is another method that was first introduced with Windows 8. In this method, you just need to launch the Charms bars by pressing Windows Key + C. When the Charms bars get launched you need to first click on the “Settings Charm” and then select the “Power” icon. Based on your laptop model, this step is most likely to bring three options: Sleep, Shut down and Restart. You need to select the “Shut down” option to exit from Windows.

Trick No . 3: You can turn off your device by pressing the “Alt + F4″ key. But for this, first you need to be in the desktop screen of your laptop. After clicking “Alt + F4″ key, “Shut Down Windows” box will pop up. Just click on the drop down menu of the box and all the available options such as Switch user, Sleep, Sign out, Shut Down and Restart will appear. Here also you have to select “Shut down” to turn off the system.

Trick No . 4: You can also shut down your laptop from the log-in screen, also known as Start screen. In Windows 8. 1, if you are on the desktop screen, you can see your account photo in the upper right corner. Click on that photo and select the Sign Out option. Once you log out, you will get the lock screen. To get past of it you need to click your mouse or tap any key. This will take you to the log-in screen, where at the lower right corner lies the Shut Down button. Click on it to safely power off your laptop.

Trick No . 5: If you are using Windows in a notebook, then you can turn off windows simply by closing the lid or pressing the power button. But for this you need to set this feature in your notebook. For doing so perform the following steps:

Go to the Desktop
Right-click on the battery icon (Located in the lower-right System Tray)
Click on the Power Options command
Power Options windows will open
Click on the setting
Change the settings for “On Battery, ” “Plugged in, ” or “Both”
Click on the “Save changes” button

This setting will direct your notebook to Shut Down whenever you close the lid or press the Power button.
Trick No . 6: The final trick is applicable to only the touch screen devices that run on Windows 8. 1 . To perform the trick go through the following steps:

Open up the File Explorer
Navigate to C: \\Windows\\System32 folder
Search the file named “SlideToShutDown. exe”
Double-click the file to bring up the lock screen
Just slide your finger down on the lock screen to exit from Windows.

This is yet not very clear why Microsoft has introduced so many different ways of shutting down the device. However , these tricks are important as it can help you while making safe shut down of the laptop during emergency.

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